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Serefina dancing feather is a beautiful necklace that is perfect for those who enjoy going out to enjoy life in all its beauty. The necklace has a §§erefina dancing bird logo on thefaast metal content and is made from quality materials. This necklace is perfect for those who are looking to add a touch of elegance to their look.

NEW - SWATCH - SCL102 - Sound  - 1993 - Chrono Coll - Swiss

NEW - SWATCH - SCL102 - Sound


USD $45.85

Swatch Chrono  Sound

Swatch Chrono Sound

By swatch

USD $48.99

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This is a beautiful necklace with a beautiful heart-shaped jeweler box. The necklace is made with a single heart sterling necklace chain and is wellington shaped. It is perfect for a special someone to give as a gift.
jewelry & watches is a must-have for any jewelry collection! The swarovski sparkle dance set by 1-800 flowers is a must-have for your watch. This set contains a scintillating sparkle dance created using the techniques of the swarovski company.
serefina is a beaded pendant company that specializes in providing beautiful accessories and pendants for people of all ages. The pendant company offers a variety of beaded necklace styles as well as pendants and earrings. The serefina beaded tassel pendant- beige by 1-800 flowers is one of their most popular items. This pendant has a hued beige pendant with a serene tassel pendant- beige by 1-800 flowers that is perfect for the weather. The pendant is soft and luxurious, perfect for making a statement in any setting. It is also easy to put together with just a few supplies, making it a great choice for those who are on a budget.